Farm & Forest Tea Bags

SKU: 0442

Wholesome herbs harvested and foraged to create a lush, lemony, minty cup of nourishing comfort. This herbal tea includes nettles, astragalus root, elderberries and more blended to support your immune system and promote whole body wellness. A wonderful addition to any herbal tea cabinet.

Organic Nettles*, Organic Lemon Balm*, Organic Elder Berries, Organic Oat Straw*, Organic Rose Hips, Organic Peppermint*, Organic Alfalfa*, Organic Dandelion Root*, Organic Astragalus Root*, Organic Red Raspberry Leaf*
* USA Grown Herbs

Bring fresh water to a boil; pour 8oz over 1 teabag. Steep covered 7+ minutes. We like to leave the bag in the cup while we drink it :)

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