Quiet Cough Tea Bags

SKU: 0436

A staple here in the Pacific Northwest during the cold season, Quiet Cough is a complex blend of roots and leaves to support respiratory and bronchial health. Add a spoonful of Alpine honey for extra cough support.* This tea is our most aromatic and complex blend. You’ll find the resiny flavor of Yerba Santa balanced with the warm flavors of Marshmallow Root and the sweet notes of Licorice Root. A strong cup to help you get through the cold season.

Organic Elecampane*, Organic Wild Cherry Bark*, Organic Marshmallow Root*, Organic Rose Hips, Wild Yerba Santa*, Organic Licorice Root*, Organic Orange Peel*, Organic Sage*, Organic Mullein*, Organic Marshmallow Leaf*, Organic Cinnamon
* USA Grown Herbs

Bring fresh water to a boil; pour 8oz over 1 teabag. Steep covered 10+ minutes. Add honey for increased support.

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